Peter Grave

Chief Investigator

Ea Darith

Partner Investigator

Lisa Kealhofer


Miriam Stark


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Project Methodology

The Khmer Empire extended over much of modern day Cambodia, as well as parts of Thailand and southern Laos. To understand how people in all these areas interacted with the core elite at Angkor, we will sample Angkorian-period stonewares from known production centres in Cambodia and Thailand as well as from archaeological survey collections in Cambodia, Lao PDR and Thailand. These ceramic samples will be submitted for a comprehensive program of geochemical characterisation, coupled with a judicious program of dating, to achieve the following specific aims:

  • establish the geochemical “fingerprint” for each of the Angkorian-period stoneware kiln complexes using Neutron Activation Analysis.
  • identify the scale and extent of distribution systems for these stonewares.
  • produce a chronologically controlled sequence for geochemically provenanced ceramics through a program of dating specific kiln complexes (OSL, AMS radiocarbon and a relatively new technique RHX).

This will enable us to identify changes in the patterns of distribution and interaction over time.


Open Access Publication and Collaboration: Analytical datasets and reference material generated by this project will be made available in Open Context ( KPX is designed as a international collaborative project, seeking interested researchers to get involved.

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