Ea Darith

Khmer stonewares, stoneware kilns, archaeological field research across much of northern Cambodia

Ea will oversee Cambodian-based operations and supervise Cambodia-based archaeological excavations; coordinate training of APSARA Authority staff through proposed workshops. As co-director of the Angkor Living Roads Project, Ea will facilitate access to ALR and central Greater Angkor survey collections.

Lisa Kealhofer

political dynamics and large scale exchange systems, ceramic production and exchange, in Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Practical contributions will include construction and development of the databases required to support this project. In addition, her previous work included constructing and maintaining collaborative networks through publication phase, across multiple archaeological projects, which she will assist in managing here.

Miriam Stark

Cambodian archaeology, Khmer political and economic organization, ceramic technological research.

Primary contributions include her expertise in Khmer archaeology economic models of ceramic production and distribution and models of Southeast Asian ceramic economies; and facilitate collection of samples obtained through previous (as Director of the Lower Mekong Archaeological Project – LOMAP) and future survey projects.

Peter Grave

is responsible for liaison with PIs and RAs of the project, scheduling project tasks and budgeting; as Director of ASH, the CI will oversee in-house sample preparation for NAA and RHX dating, as well as submission of samples (NAA, OSL and AMS dating).